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Finding the right Vietnam supplier and Vietnam sourcing company to help your company grow and improve its profits is a challenging, time-consuming task, that can be filled with uncertainty, risk and more questions than answer. Questions about quality, inventory management, timeliness, and controls make finding a reliable Vietnam sourcing agent a difficult proposition. Language barriers, customs, financing, and time differences make the process of finding a sourcing company even more complex. This is where Intellia Corporation can help.

Intellia Corporation is offering you a quality service in searching suppliers in Vietnam. We have a database of hundred suppliers making everything from apparel, shoes to agricultural products. We can offer you individual research off necessary goods, give you a description and information of manufacturers, suppliers, characteristics of the goods. Our experts always find several manufacturers of products you need, negotiate with them, conduct a necessary thorough research and selection of suppliers, provide an assessment of their reliability. After that, we provide you information of 3-5 manufacturers, quotations, shipping options and other related information.

At Intellia Corporation, we are ready to represent you and your interests in working with Vietnamese companies that includes:

  • Quality sourcing services
  • Search for new manufacturers
  • Factory visits and project assessments
  • Reports and advises
  • Negotiations and quotation
  • Market monitoring
  • Assistance in ordering process
  • Assistance in payment process
  • Quality control (QC)
  • Shipping process control

Intellia Corporation, we start with understanding your needs!

To ensure that you obtain the best quality and price while you choose Intellia Corporation, the first step is to determine what exactly you need. Our professional team will ask you details related to product specification, quantity, order frequency, target price, packaging specifications and the time line. Following that, we will investigate, evaluate and introduce you to the best suppliers in Vietnam for your needs. We strive for an efficient and smooth sourcing experience for you. Submit your project or call us today 408-207-6789, we will response within 24 hours!