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When you choose us as your international boat & yacht shipper, our team of international boat & yacht shipping specialists will get your motorcycle to its final destination safely in the same condition as when you handed it over to us.

Intellia Corporation can offer you is complete assistance when it comes to the necessary international shipping and customs paperwork. Clearances and marine insurance is also something that we will do for you. Complete information is what you will be getting with us. We make it easy regardless of your boat or yacht's location and final destination by offering multiple services including:

RoRo Shipping

RoRo ships are vessels built for shipping wheeled cargo, more specifically – shipping boats and yachts. The boats are driven on to the ship almost like it was a parking garage. The name Roll-on/Roll-off comes from the fact that vehicles roll-on/roll-off the ramp, which is how they are driven on and off the ship.

Once loaded on the RoRo vessel, each boat is strapped and secured to prevent movement while at sea. The metal protector under the boat is locked into place with the ship’s deck to prevent slipping and sliding when out to sea, and the tires can’t move because they are securely embedded in the metal protector.

This shipping method has proved highly efficient and extremely cost-effective. It has an additional advantage: it provides reliable departure and arrival dates. The ship’s departure and arrival schedule runs almost like an airline flight schedule.

LoLo Shipping

Another method of International Boat Shipping is by using a crane. Your boat will be lifted and secured onto the deck of a large International Boat Transporter, as shown in the picture of a yacht being lifted and secured onto the deck of a ship. This particular ship crosses the Pacific Ocean and can make it to Vietnam in about 10 days. While this method is the fastest way to export your boat from the United States overseas, it is not the most cost effective because it is mandatory to have a crane operator on site both at the departure port and destination port.